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Service Terms and conditions

This agreement was written in Spanish (Spain). In the event of discrepancies between the original and translated version, the original document in Spanish shall refer to the binding document.

Statement of rights and responsibilities

This Statement of rights and responsibilities regulates the relationship of iMagicBox (hereinafter referred to as iMagicBox), and its users, the individuals who access and use iMagicBox and who expressly accept our terms of service without any reservation, shall the user decides to refuse any of them, it shall be understood as the user not wanting to be part of it and the user will be suspended upon presenting his expressed statement.
To obtain the user status for this App, one will have to be a registered user, and expressly accept all of the provisions set forth in these Terms of Service.

Using the App, its services in general and other content for personal purposes, implies that the user agrees to do so in accordance with the provisions of the Law, as set forth in these Terms of Service, and as established in other instructions or regulations of use that are established and informed to the user.

Registration of minors

In the event of registration of children under 16 years, the registration can only be done by one of the parents or accredited legal representative thereof. To do so, one will have to accredit the request through the family book or similar enabling document, and the account will remain suspended until having done so. The documentation shall be sent to info@old.imagicbox.net


  1. Corporate legal information

The owner of the iMagicBox App is Cife Spain Business S.L., Sole proprietorship registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 23.234, Folio 144, Inscription 1st Sheet M-416438 CIF: B-84777788, with registered office in Edificio América II. C/ Proción, 7, Portal 4, 1º I. 28023, Madrid. We will refer to the service hereinafter as iMagicBox.


  1. iMagicBox service

iMagicBox is a platform for learning magic through known magicians, techniques and information towards becoming a magician.

iMagicBox Intellectual Property

iMagicBox on its own or as an assignee, is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of the App, as well as its programming structure, the elements contained in it (Sound, audio, video, images , software among others, serving only for illustrative purposes) and for which all rights are reserved or, where appropriate, that of its licensors, being expressly forbidden its use by third parties, in accordance with the current regulations of Property Intellectual (Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12) without formal consent from its owners.

The user shall refrain from deleting, altering, avoiding or changing any protection device or security system installed in the App.

In this regard, the App reserves the right to exercise both criminal and civil actions to protect these rights against third parties.

All without prejudice to those contents that are allowed to be shared through it, which will only be authorized with the established technical requirements.


  1. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

iMagicBox App is not liable for any damages arising from the use of the App due to improper use or management, as well as for common usage, provided the existence of due diligence so that it does not occur.


  1. Modifications

iMagicBox reserves the right to make the modifications it deems appropriate without prior notice in its App, it may modify, delete or introduce both content and services, as well as the provision or organization thereof in the App.


  1. Advertising content

Within iMagicBox, one may view personalized information, promotions and offers from third-party companies. Sponsored events by third parties may also be offered. The aforementioned advertising activity does not exempt from responsibilities that are specific to advertisers, per the private agreements and current regulations.

By registering, you agree to accept the advertising content in the App and through the email you provided upon registering on the platform.


  1. Your information in iMagicBox and how it is shared
    • General
      To enable the use of this App, one must be a registered user and accept the privacy rules detailed below:
      By using the App, you accept to have Cife Spain Business S.L., store and process the personal data you provide to us for the purposes of using the platform.
      In any case, the USER is informed that the processing of data is done for the following purposes:
  2. Surveillance and safeguarding the compliance of an adequate and ethical conduct by users.
  3. So that the platform can conduct internal statistical and historical studies.
  4. To create communications that are of interest to users when requested.
  5. To send electronic communications that the user has previously subscribed to via the web-form established for this purpose.
    All users who establish some type of communication, either through the forms located on the platform, or through alternative channels, must know that their data may be collected for processing by this website per these forms.
    In any case, such data will be stored under the “iMagicBox Users” file, a legally registered file with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

    • Data transfer
      Any data collected by Cife, under no circumstances, will be shared to
      third companies, unless prior and express consent of the interested party, or shall the legislation in force deems necessary. By accepting these conditions you accept the following transfers:
  • In the event that an individual or generic application is made by the platform and the party expresses its acceptance.
  • When they refer to the exceptions contemplated by the LOPD.
  • Third-party companies hired for analysis services, for purely statistical purposes and to improve the service.
  • To companies that are used as a support for the platform (Cloud, information encryption, marketing and communication etc…).
    Currently, this is made exclusively with 3Dsignia, a company with CIF B-91542159

    • Data security
      The Platform informs its users about the obligation of correctly updating the provided data and processed in the relevant files. The data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive, current, exact and true, and shall exclude the portal from all negative consequences derived from inaccuracies. In turn, users are informed of the inability of registering and / or communicating data of third parties on their behalf, by means of the stipulated forms of communication, unless there is a legally constituted representation.
      In the case of minors, the accreditation of said condition through the family book or similar document with equivalent legal powers will be absolutely essential.
    • Access, opposition, correction and data cancellation rights
      In accordance with the Organic Law on Data Protection and its implementing regulations, any user who has provided data to Cife may exercise the following rights:

      • Access.
      • Correction.
      • Cancellation.
      • Opposition.
        Exercising the aforementioned rights must be carried out through communications addressed to
        Cife, either to its postal address, indicated above, or via email address provided for this purpose (info@imagicbox.net), without prejudice to the use of any other valid means that allows to legally fulfill the requirements for such purpose.
        Article 25 of the Development Regulation of the LOPD sets out the content requirements in a generic way for exercising the rights, which are:
      • Name and surname of the interested party, copy of ID, passport or similar document and, if applicable, the representative party.
      • Purpose of the request.
      • Address for notification purposes, date and signature of the applicant.
      • Supporting documents of the request shall they deem necessary.
    • Communication to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.
      The data you provide to the Website are included in our registered files with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD, in Spanish) on behalf of Cife Spain Business S.L with CIF B-84777788.
      The AEPD is in responsible of ensuring compliance with the laws on privacy and data protection and ensuring the security and privacy of your data in general and especially on the Internet.
    • Protection of minors
      Given the purpose of the application, which is its use by minors, Cife has special care and protection for their personal data, in this sense stored data will not be transferred to third parties (except the exceptions before contemplated), as well as those that are facilitated to the application in pursuit of its operation, will be previously moderated by the company so that its content is appropriate to what is requested and does not cause any harm to the minors.


  1. Your image and intellectual property rights in iMagicBox

When publishing content such as audiovisual images, photographs and texts that are subject to intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as “Content Subject to Intellectual Property”), you grant iMagicBox the possibility of using them under a non-exclusive, transferable and non-possibility license, without commission or any other need to offer any remuneration to its author for its use, and international scope (hereinafter referred to as “Intellectual Property License”). In other words, you authorize the platform to use it accordingly, but in any case, it may perform direct commercial activity through the sale or transfer of such content to third parties for the proper functioning of its operations.

You can only upload these contents when you have sufficient license for such use in the case of works subject to copyright.

iMagicBox assumes that its users possess the sufficient license when generating their ideas, otherwise, it agrees to erase the content immediately, exempting itself of responsibility in the event of violation of any type of right by the user.


  1. Use of contents

The app provides different information and links that may be of interest to user, and commits to make proper use of the contents and services offered to him and doing so without a limiting character, and not to use them for the following activities:

I – Engaging in illicit activities, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order.

II – Cause any type of damage in the systems of the App, of its suppliers or third parties, enter or spread computer viruses in the network or Trojans or any other systems that are susceptible or able to generate damages.

III – Perform any type of activity that may be contrary to the right to the honor of any user or iMagicBox administrators.

IV- Carry out actions aimed at falsifying data of performed purchases.


  1. iMagicBox Security

Our team works daily to ensure that iMagicBox is a secure platform, respecting the data protection of Registered Users. Nonetheless, just like any other App platform, data protection cannot be guaranteed in its entirety and in any circumstance. However, in order to comply with such protection with the greatest security, Registered Users understand that the following is expressly prohibited:

  1. A) The transferring and sharing of any type of unauthorized commercial communication (such as “spam” or “junk mail”) using any communication tool that iMagicBox offers to its Registered Users.
  2. B) Access iMagicBox in any other way than through its official mobile application except for any other tool that we officially add in the future and which we have notified to our Users.
  3. C) The use of automatic access channels (such as bots, robots, spiders) that perform an interaction within the iMagicBox platform and with any of the Registered Users.
  4. D) Engaging and participating in any type of illegal marketing operation through iMagicBox.
  5. E) Upload viruses, scripts, or any other code with malicious intentions against iMagicBox and each of its registered users.
  6. F) Request registration and login information to access the account of another individual.
  7. G) Harassment, intimidation or any type of discomfort to any registered users.
  8. H) Publishing any offensive content, blackmail or pornographic; or that promotes violence; or that contains nudity or graphic violence.
  9. I) The development or use of application to third parties that include content related to the consumption of alcohol or adult content (including advertisements) without the restrictions of age appropriate to the specified region.
  10. K) Use iMagicBox for any type of illegal activity, either against the network itself, against anyone, and any act that goes against the Spanish regulations, especially those that violate the rights to privacy and / or honor of users of this network.
  11. L) Any activity that could disable, overburden, or prevent the proper operation of iMagicBox, as a denial of service attack.
  12. LL) Upload elements without license to the platform subject to intellectual property
  13. M) Promote the breach of this statement either directly or indirectly.


  1. Account security and registration

Users are required to provide their real names and information. If you select a user name for your account, we reserve the right to delete it or claim it if we deem it necessary (for example when a trademark owner claims a user name that is not related to the real name of a user). In order to maintain a spirit of partnership, all registered users must keep their profiles with accurate and updated information, and they also understand that the following is expressly prohibited.

  • The use of personal profiles for commercial purposes, such as selling status updates to an advertiser or obtaining information for third parties.
  • The use of iMagicBox by individuals under 14 years old, unless done so through a legal representative under the conditions set forth herein.
  • Share the access information (user and password, or secret key in the event of programmers) so that another person can access your account or any activity that may endanger the security of your account and that of others.
  • Transfer your account to another person without our prior written consent and communication of such management to the present social network.


  1. Access and price

Accessing iMagicBox App is free of charge. However, iMagicBox is not responsible if your mobile operator makes any type of charge for using the Internet.

Notwithstanding the above, in order to make a proper use of the application, one will have to purchase the iMagicBox game, which will allow you to access it.


  1. Suspension of service or user account

If any violation of the points expressed in this Declaration is carried out, iMagicBox reserves the right to immediately cancel without prior notice your iMagicBox account. In a similar fashion, iMagicBox has the internal policy of keeping its users informed of any incident or change(s) within its service that may modify the habits of accessing the platform of Registered Users, which, depending on the severity of the behavior, the social network, will require to cease the activity that violates these conditions or suspend the user as deemed appropriate by the administrators.


  1. Legal matters

iMagicBox adheres to the legislation applicable in Spain and the competent courts in the event of conflict, the consumer shall be entitled to decide which one to proceed with.