Why iMagicBox?

iMagicBox is the answer to a new reality: kids don’t play anymore like they did a few years ago. Based on this fact, iMagicBox has the following characteristics:

Contemporary game

with a mobile app


to turn learning into a fun experience

First social network

with digital magic academy… in the world

More than 150 videos

to learn and more than 300 days of fun.

The best magicians

Greca, Jaque, Murphy and Manu Feijóo

Lessons are elaborated by the best magicians. Murphy, Greca, Jaque and Manuel Feijóo are well-known magicians. They have earned several world awards in areas such as Card Magic, Mentalism, etc.
They have created every iMagicBox lesson: more than 150 videos with effects which turn the learning process into a fun thing.

Social network

Safe social network with content reviewed by experts

Fun and learning

More than 300 days of fun and learning.


Badges to motivate the participation.

iMagicBox is waiting for you!

Contact us

if you have any question, feel free to write to Wandie Master